TAIslim® SKINNYs™ – Chocolate Decadence

Our naturally, chocolate-flavored Chocolate Crème Coffee is the perfect blend of rich coffee beans and sweet cocoa powder for a deliciously sweet cup of coffee. 12 oz. Ground Coffee.

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Our Chocolate Crème Coffee is a creamy, chocolaty coffee blend with an aroma that will sweeten up the room. This gourmet coffee blend is made with pure, natural flavors that is great on its own or will goes perfect with a morning muffin or other treat. Youngevity’s Be The Change Coffee is grown and harvested at our very own plantation in the high-mountainous region of the Nicaraguan rainforest. It is grown under the strictest standards ensuring the best 100% Pure Arabica, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, Fair Trade Certified™, and environmentally-friendly coffee is produced. The profits generated from each Be The Change Coffee purchase are donated in their entirety to the Be the Change Foundation and help support the wonderful causes near and dear to Youngevity which include the American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish® Foundation, My Story Matters and Caterina’s Club.
nFor more information on the Be The Change Foundation, please visit: youngevitybethechange.org.
n100% Pure Arabica Coffee

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